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The Best 10 VPS Web Hosting Providers 2017

Provided below are the 10 best VPS web hosting sites been used by most webmasters worldwide . A virtual private server(VPS) is a method of partitioning a physical server into multiple servers where each server has the appearance and capabilities of running on its own dedicated machine including dedicted RAM, CPU and Disk resources . The VPS technology divides a huge server into several logical servers each of which is private .This means you get full root access to your server and no other user can sneak into your account . VPS bridge the gap between shared hosting and dedicating hosting .Each VPS runs as its own virtual machine and customers can configure their own operating system .

VPS is a great solution for customers that have exceeded their shared hosting capacity but are not yet ready to have their own dedicated server .Below are the top 10 internet VPS web hosting sites that are reliable and highly recommended for your VPS solution .

Rank web host Hosting
Price/Mo Money
Features Rating Review
1 inmotion $39.95 90days Space:40GB
98% See all
2 Hostgator $   Space:
98% See all
3 A2 Hosting - Linux Hosting A2 hosting $11.95 30days Space:10GB
98% See all
4 Paying too much for web hosting? Lunarpages $27.75 30days Space:10GB
97% See all
5 $17 VPS Small Pandela $17.0 30days Space:5GB
97% See all
6 Banner ix Webhosting $29.95 30days Space:10GB
97% See all
7 VPS Hosting starting at $19 from UltraHosting Ultrahost $17.0 30days Space:5GB


See all
8 Microbar Startlogic $29.95 30days Space:20GB
96% See all
9 Easy CGI Web Hosting easyCGI $39.96 30days Space:20GB
96% See all
10 Nethosting $14.95 30days Space:5GB


See all

With the emergence of VPS's and with it currently being widely offered by a number of web hosts. sometime at low prices, the question that comes to our mind is, what should I choose? a VPS or a normal reseller plan . To help you with the decision we will mention the pros and cons for both sides, which would help you better understand both of them and thus help you make the most suitable choice for your current needs.

We will start with the pros and cons of a VPS . A Virtual Private Server is basically like a reseller plan in terms of disk space and bandwidth . You would usually find reseller plans come with more disk space and bandwidth, but a VPS has allot more benefits over a reseller. The 1st one would be Root access . With a VPS you have root access which is not available with almost all reseller plans . Some would say and why would I need root access, in some cases you could be right . If you're looking only to resell shared hosting plans you probably wouldn't need root access, but if your looking to install some custom software, learn some system administration on a remote machine, a VPS would be the perfect solution for that instead of investing in a dedicated server which would cost allot more than a VPS. A VPS also can be loaded with a number of operating systems depending on what the provider supports, for example if you were to choose a VPS on a linux platform you would be able to offer linux web hosting plans, which can also be measured on the windows platform.

The 2nd and most important advantage for a VPS is the privacy and isolation you have from other clients on the server,. In a shared reseller environment, your account and your hosted accounts could be damaged because of someone else's fault on the server, for example if another reseller on the same server with you has a client running a loopy script which would eventually crash the server, your account will suffer from downtime because of that, which wouldn't happen with a VPS environment . If a VPS where to crash on the server your VPS account wouldn't be effected at all.

The 3rd advantage would be the dedicated resources each VPS usually comes with . Each VPS usually comes with a minimum guaranteed CPU and memory usage for your VPS, which means no one can abuse the server resources or manipulate it for his account . In the worst case you would have your guaranteed CPU and memory to use.

VPS would be the best choice between a reseller plan and a dedicated server, a VPS would give you more reliability and room to expand with your web hosting business.

Reseller Plans also have some advantages over a VPS . With a reseller plan you usually don't have to worry about the server security, keeping your software up to date and the general management of the server which is usually taken care of from your provider.

Our Advice would be, if you are not experienced with running a server, just starting out or you just don't have time to take care of a VPS, We would recommend a reseller plan, otherwise a VPS would be a smarter choice.

We have selected the top 10 VPS web hosting companies that you can choose to host your website . Checkout their features and select the one that may be good for your business .