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Best 10 Dedicated server hosting Providers 2017

With dedicated server hosting you get the whole physical server to host your sites . Dedicated hosting offers the benefit of you owning your own server without actually dealing with the hardware . You just need to rent the entire server from the hosting provider which you can't share with any other customers .Since you can't share the server you therefore have full control over the server operating system , hardware , RAM , Hard Disks , etc . You can host as many sites as you want and will also have full access to the server . The hosting provider will assist you with the management of the server .Since you are the only one making use of the server , your site will have a higher lever of security, speed and uptime . You will also have access to extra features that cannot be found in a shared hosting environment .

Despite the cost dedicated servers provides lots of benefits to your business . Whether you are having an ecommerce site or you want to run a site that need good security then dedicated server is the solution . Provided below are the top 10 dedicated server hosting providers selected base on reliabilty , 24/7 customer support , uptime and security .

Rank web host Hosting
Price/Mo Money
Features Rating Review
1 ServerPronto Dedicated Servers, click for details. SERVER
$32.95 30days Space:80GB
98% See all
2 inmotion $199.95 90days Space:2X160GB
98% See all
3 Hostgator $174.00 45days Space:250GB
97% See all
4 Coolhandle $199.95 30days Space:2X160GB
97% See all
5 Nethosting $99.95 30days Space:160GB


See all
6 Paying too much for web hosting? Lunarpages $99.0 30days Space:80GB
96% See all
7 The Planet Logo The Planet $99.0 30days Space:250GB


See all
8 HostRocket.Com - 1000MB 50GB - $9.95 HostRocket $99.9 30days Space:unlimite
96% See all
9 Green Hosting | Codero Dedicated Servers Codero   A Space:unlimited
95% See all
10 A2 Hosting - Linux Hosting A2 Hosting $199 30days Space:2X80GB


See all

For people, companies or organizations who are looking for the most dependable web hosting solution for their mission critical operations, dedicated hosting will give them what they need. Dedicated hosting isn't the right solution for everyone, and does have some drawbacks, but it has many more advantages than shared web hosting.

When a customer purchases shared web hosting they are on the same web server as hundreds and sometimes thousands of other websites. This can have a negative affect on performance and uptime. When you start using dedicated web hosting your website will be the only website on that server. Dependability is the number one reason people choose to go with a dedicated web hosting solution. Most dedicated hosting packages allow you to have multiple websites on one server, so if you have sister companies, separate divisions, other companies that you have relationships with ,you can share server resources with them, usually with out making major performance sacrifices.

However all of this extra dependability and hardware does come at a higher price. Shared hosting packages run from $2 a month through to about $50 a month, with most being less than $20 a month. The most bare bones dedicated hosting packages will start at $80 a month and range as high as several thousand a month. Most people find they fall in the $200 to $500 month range for dedicated hosting solutions. When looking at hosting packages there are two major areas you should be concerned with managed or unmanaged servers and hardware configurations. With an unmanaged server the customer is responsible for software, security and other maintenance that the server needs. Selecting an unmanaged server can often save you quite a bit of money over the year. However unless you or someone on your staff is experienced with maintaining a server this is usually not a good idea, and will cost you and money down the line. The next thing you have to consider is hardware for the machine, what size disks will you need, how fast does your processor have to be, how much bandwidth do you need and so on. When making these decisions plan for where you are today and where you plan to be in 18 to 24 months from now. You want to make sure you allow for future growth, but you don't want to overpay for resources you are never going to use.

Our website has already made a nice selection for you of the best 10 dedicated web hosting providers on the internet We have taken many factors into consideration before selecting the best 10 dedicated web hosting providers listed above