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How do you register a domain name ?

Are you looking to start your very own website? But need a name first? well you will need to start first off with the process of registering a domain name.
So were do you star? what do you do? It all seems so difficult for the average internet user, but in reality is it very simple and most just need a few basic steps and they can do it themselfs.

Below are the basic steps needed in order to get a domain name and set it up.
There is not that much to know about domain name registration. Below is the steps you will need to follow to have yourself a domain name up and running.
Go to a domain name registration site and search for a domain name that is available for registration . See how much each domain name registration site is charging. it can range from $8 - $15 for a .com .net .org and can get even higher if you want to register a .ca domain name or .us etc.

once you have chosen the domain name company you need to see if they provide free hosting, if they do not then you will need to look into website hosting which is a totally new topic in itself . You are now ready to pay and go ahead:) .
Now you may need to be patient with the domain name registration process some companies have the domain registered and up and ready to go in minutes others take several hours now if the domain name company has provided hosting with the domain name you will not have to do anything else except upload your web pages to the newly registered domain name if the domain name company has not provide free hosting you will need to change the domain name dns settings to point to your web hosting company the hosting company that you chose will provide you with the dns information to point your domain name to you are now done and ready to go! be sure to check out for more simple domain name tips and tricks!

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