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The Best 7 UK web hosting sites for 2017

The best Uk web hosting sites are listed here . These are very popular hosting companies trusted by many UK web developers . If you are living in the UK then hosting your website with a UK web hosting company will be a good solution since your site performance will be outstanding . Your pages will take less time to load since your site is hosted in the same geographical region where your hosting provider is located .

Below we have provided the top shared UK web hosting companies that are reliable and supports all the major hosting features needed for your site such as PHP, MYSQL , email accounts and many other hosting features . These websites has been selected by many webmasters and web designers base on affordability , server uptime , reliability and technical support .

Rank web host Hosting
Price/Mo Money
Features Rating Review
1 UK2 Award winning Servers UK2net £2.98 30days Space:3GB
98% See all
2 Internet heart £2.49 30days Space:5GB
98% See all
3 1&1 £4.99 60days Space:5GB
97% See all
4 Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth for £2.99/mo! lunarpages £2.95 30days Space:5GB
97% See all
5 Fasthosts £3.49 30days Space:25GB
97% See all
6 2 months FREE on ecommerce packages from 123-reg 123-reg-co-uk £4.99 30days Space:2GB
96% See all
7 £2.99 30days Space:3GB
96% See all

How do I know a good web hosting service from a bad one? What features should I be looking for when choosing a web host? What is bandwidth or transfer? How much storage space do I really need? What tools should they offer me and which ones do I need?

We will attempt to give you the short version of answers to those questions for you to use as a reference. A lot about choosing a web-hosting provider depends on what your website needs and every website has different needs.

First question was "How do I know a good web hosting service from a bad one?" Before doing business with anyone on the web that is going to be as important to your business as a web hosting company, you should do a search on the name of the company and look for criticisms, complaints, etc. Keep in mind no one has 100% satisfied customers and finding just one complaint on the web doesn't mean that the company is a bad one. However if you find a lot of complaints, I would move on to the next provider.

Now about the bandwidth and transfer question we mentioned above. Bandwidth and transfer are basically the same thing. Some tech guy might know a difference we are not aware of, but it won't be much difference. This is the number of times each file in your website is downloaded from the web host's server to the visitors computer.

In other words, the size of you webpages in kilobytes plus the size of each graphic or other type of file that is served to the users computer is the amount of transfer you are using. If your website will have a lot of graphics, movies, downloads, etc., make sure you choose a web-hosting plan that offers you a lot of bandwidth. The average website doesn't need more than 2-5 gigabytes of transfer per month.

How much storage space do I need? The storage space is no different than your computer's hard drive. If the web host offers 100 megabytes of storage space that is just like having a 100-megabyte hard drive. If your files are not more than 100 megabytes then that is plenty of storage. Most web hosting companies offer plenty of storage space, more than the average website will ever use.

The question, "What features should I look for and which tools do I need?" are ones that we can answer together.

What about the web host's support policy. Do they offer 24/7 tech support? Do you think you will need 24/7 tech support? This is one area that is important for you to consider. The Internet is 24 hours per day. Your website is online 24 hours per day. So it is possible you might need 24/7 tech support.

How do you contact tech support there? Just email? Is there a phone number? Do they use support tickets? Do they have a chatroom or forum for tech support? How accessible your web hosting tech support is will determine how fast things get fixed when you have a problem. See if you can send in a tech support query before signing up. See how fast you get an email back or if they answer the phone when you call them.

Those three important issues, bandwidth, storage space, and tech support are not the only things you need to consider. Do they offer Cpanel or an easy-to-use control panel for managing your website? Can they show you a sample of the control panel before you sign up? If you choose a web host that does not have an easy-to-use control panel are you tech-savvy enough to get around in the root files?

How many databases can be created on your web hosting plan. How many do they allow? Do they offer instant-install or install-on-demand features like picture galleries, content management systems, forums, blogs, or other website enhancements?

These are all questions you need to ask before you sign up with any web hosting service. We have assisted you by providing to you the best web hosting sites in the UK that provides all the features listed above . These websites are highly recommended for citizens living in the UK .